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Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of high quality art pieces, regardless of their budget

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Leasing ( renting ) art is a smart alternative to purchasing artwork outright.

Our program provides a convenient and economical way for clients to build art collections for home or office. Applying for a lease is simple and straight forward and there is no third-party financing involved.

Minimum Term is 3 months

You have the option to buy out your lease every year

Payments can be made via PayPal and put on your Visa or MasterCard or post-dated check accepted too

Simple application process with no third party financing or credit required

Leasing cost: The minimum price of the artwork/s for a lease agreement is $500. There is no limit to the number of pieces leased as long as a satisfactory security deposit is provided. Monthly payments for the leasing are 3% of the price of the leased artwork.
Term : Minimum term is three (3) months to be paid when the signed agreement is submitted. Term to renew automatically by 3 month increments unless a written notice is provided by either the gallery or the client 30 days before the renewal date. Payments are nonrefundable. Maximum leasing term: there is no limit to the time that the client lease the artwork; however, only the first year leases charges will be applied as a credit if you, (the client) choose to exercise the right toward a buyout.

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Great Options to Buy

Options to buy out your lease every year

  • Enjoy the beauty of high quality art pieces, regardless of their budget
  • A tax-deductible, turn-key solution making world-class art affordable and commitment-free for residential, commercial and hospitality properties.
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Preferences, scope and budget.

A one on one initial meeting to determine preferences, scope and budget.

  • Survey of the property to identify locations best suited for the placement of the artwork.
  • A Digital Presentation will be prepared featuring multiple artworks selected by Our curatorial team, based on initial conversation.
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Peace Of Mind

From the start we assist the client with SELECTION of the artwork

  • Transportation and Installation of the artwork under strict supervision
  • The artwork is Insured
  • Artwork removal upon termination of lease

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