Sanctuary Art Exhibition

Sanctuary Art Exhibition

Sanctuary Art Exhibition

Art Group Exhibit

40 or more accomplished artists, writers, and poets expressing love, hope, and solidarity through their art for the immigrants who may be living in doubt and fear.

We are proud contributors to an exhibit of original artworks on the theme of “Sanctuary” will be showcased in the Library Community Room from Sunday, March 25 through Thursday, March 29. For each of the five days, the Community Room will be open from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. The important, timely exhibit will showcase the works of 40 or so accomplished artists, writers, and poets expressing love, hope, and solidarity through their art for the immigrants who may be living in doubt and fear.

The South Pasadena City Council, on October 4, 2017 unanimously introduced an ordinance declaring South Pasadena ‘a safe and welcoming city for immigrants’. The council passed the ordinance in an effort to protect the rights and privacy of all residents.

For the opening reception on Sunday, March 25th, refreshments will be provided and a brief introduction to the exhibit will be given by Curators Jimmy O’Balles and Mario Hernandez at 3:30 p.m. Many of artists whose works are displayed will be present as well. The intro will be followed by a reading by extraordinary author Sehba Sarwar who has published essays, poems, and short stories in in India, Pakistan, the U.S., and Canada. Some of them have been on the theme of borderlessness.

After the free Sanctuary Exhibit closes for the night on Sunday, March 25 at 7 p.m., the Community Room will reopen from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, March 26; 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28; and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 29.

On Wednesday, March 28 at 5 p.m., author and Cal State Northridge Professor Mario Ontiveros will discuss his book “BACA, Art Collaboration & Mural Making” published by Angel City Press about landmark muralist Judith F. Baca and the Great Wall of L.A. Autographed copies of books will be available for purchase.

Jimmy Espinoza, the bassist and Bobby Robles, the guitarist from the legendary 60s East LA rock band, Thee Midniters will perform for the close of the exhibit on Thursday, March 29 at 5:00 p.m. Jimmy and Bobby are certain to play their two biggest hits, “Land of 1,000 Dances” and “Whittier Boulevard,” as well as many other well-known tunes.

Thee Midniters are still together and continue to play concerts all over. Most of the band members attended Salesian High School and were largely school trained. Their music was highly professional and musically sophisticated, especially compared to the surf groups of the time. In East LA they were regarded as superstars. They are the only 1960s band from East Los Angeles that has released a Greatest Hits album.

The Library Community Room is located at 1115 El Centro Street. Admission is free and no tickets or reservations are necessary.

An Art Exhibition Curated by Jimmy O’Balles & Mario A. Hernandez


March 25-29, 2018
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Event Categories:
Art, Literary, Poetry, Music


Jimmy O’Balles and Mario A. Hernandez


The South Pasadena Library Community Room
1115 El Centro Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(626) 226-6495

Andrea Gomez

“Woman and Child”
Woodcut Print

Bonnie Lambert

“Waiting” 2013
Pastel On Canvas 16″x 34″

Esther Petschar

“Dona Marina and the No. 1 Mexican Baby” 24”x36” in. Oil On Canvas

Celina Jaques

“I’ll be a living sanctuary for you.” Acrylic on Canvas 20”x24” inches

21st Central Avenue Jazz Festival

21st Central Avenue Jazz Festival

The 21st Annual

Central Avenue
Jazz Festival


Art Pavilion

Curated by Omar Holguin of La Mancha Gallery

Save The Date !
Saturday & Sunday, July 30th & 31st

La Mancha Gallery is honored to be hosting the Arts Pavilion at
the 21st Annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival!

The Central Avenue Jazz Festival returns on July 30 & 31st, 2016 from 11-7PM at the South Central section of Los Angeles between 42nd and 43rd Streets in front of the historic and newly renovated Dunbar Hotel.  This celebration of community arts and music is an event that celebrates the rich cultural history of Los Angeles Central Avenue vibrant jazz scene since the 1930’s.

At the invitation of 9th District Los Angeles City Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr., Councilman at the 9th District Of Los Angeles, thousands of Angelenos will gather on July 30 & 31 at the Vernon-Central neighborhood of South Los Angeles to enjoy a free celebration of Community, Vibrant Music and Contemporary Art.
La Mancha Gallery will be hosting for the 3rd year in a row The Arts Pavilion during the festival. A 30’x60′ foot tent that will house cutting-edge art from top artists in Los Angeles as well as live muralists and a “John Coltrane Chapel” art installation. Curated by Omar Holguin the selected artwork ranging from all sizes and mediums will include a live painting presentation by renown muralist and artist EnkOne, a “John Coltrane Chapel” art installation by artist Donald Frazell, Mexican Artist Xavier Yarto, the magnificent fully functional cardboard sculptures of Ron Zeno and talented artists like Kevin T. Williams, Alexander Sedoyan, Darren Smith-Robinson, Sly Fabu and many, many more. The art installation by Stephen M. Gates will be set against the backdrop aesthetic of black tubes, colorful hats and lampshades with white trees accents. Directly across from the historic Dunbar Hotel, the beautifully-restored mecca for jazz legends of the l930’s and l940’s, Virtually all of the artists represented had personal and emotional connections to the neighborhood and the African-American jazz culture which had flourished there in decades past. Many artists participating  have achieved widespread recognition, even worldwide acclaim.

Countdown to the event








The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno

The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno

Ron Zeno, an orphan born in Munich, Germany in 1953; was adopted by Edgar Zeno, a soldier in the United States Navy and His wife Evelyn, who brought their new son to the States at age two. Early years were spent in New York and Louisiana; however, in 1958 the Zeno family settled in California where Ron currently resides.

Ron Zeno had always had an interest in art, but never had any formal training. In an attempt to pursue his desire to do something in the art industry, he decided to attend Los Angeles Trade Tech College following his graduation from Washington Preparatory High School. After only one semester, Ron left the Collage frustrated by the confines of the classroom and a teacher who measured Ron’s Zeno work as mediocre at best.

Ron Zeno then entered the workforce, doing countless jobs before settling on a career as a bus driver. Being a bus driver, Ron was left little time to explore his passion for art. However, it was during these busy days, in his  many layover stops, between routes, which allowed him to explore his artistic talents. Being influenced by his mother, as a child he practiced drawing from comics, but with such a long time away from his passion, it was not until drawing from the back of his books of transfers and driver paperwork that his love for the art was rekindled. He no longer drew the heroes or villains from the comics, rather he now drew his fantasy themes which led him to create very imaginative castles and pyramids. But Ron did not stop there, He had the desire to bring his work off the page. In his yearning to create, Ron Zeno needed material. What could serve the purpose of bringing his 2 dimensional drawings into his 3 dimensional exploration?

Wanting material that would not be too expensive, he first thought of using foam core, a type of board used by some architects. Quickly realizing that the foam core would be very costly if he wanted to include very intricate detail in his works, Ron decided to attempt using the cardboard he had saved for recycling to do his models. From that idea, a world of beautiful cardboard creations spawned.

Ron gave his flat drawings of castle life by building his first model in 2006. Using mostly discarded pizza boxes and glue, Ron creates fully functional structures and machines like The Titanic, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Doll Houses and more, all built in stunning detail.
The dedicated energy and discipline to cut and paste all the intricate and exact moving parts of a replica of the Titanic, for example, cleverly highlights the energy to create the real thing.

With skills that are not diminished by his lack of training, Ron continues to fascinate those who watch him work, Whether it is watching him draw, keeping straight lines while usually using ink pens, or watching him build his exquisite cardboard creations without even recalling his grade school lessons on measuring; he delights the eye and captures true artistic prowess, He continues to create, taking several months to complete each piece, bringing to life his imagination as well as pictures from other media, never having traveled anywhere outside the United States to execute transformation of cardboard boxes into things of beauty.
Click HERE for more information about the event

Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno





2nd Annual Leimert Park Vision Theater Festival Of Stage Readings

2nd Annual Leimert Park Vision Theater Festival Of Stage Readings

You are invited to the Leimert Park Vision Theater Festival Of Staged Readings.

A community celebration of of Theater Staged Readings, Music, Arts, Food and more …
The Theater Staged Readings will consist of new and established works of Industry Panels on African American Theater History.
The event will also feature Daily tours of the Vision Theater, Q&A with Playwrights, Directors and Artists, Opening Reception and a Closing Night Gala.
The staged readings will be done in the following theaters, The Regency West, Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center and The Fernando Pullum Performing Arts Center and the The Vision Theater located at 3341 West 43rd Place in Los Angeles, CA 90008.

There will be Matinee & Evening Performances from 2:00PM to 10:00PM

14 production companies have joined the celebration and the efforts to define the Leimert Park Vision Theater as the hub of great African American theater companies, artists, writers and performers alike. The 4 day celebration will pay homage to the theater companies no longer operating in Los Angeles with stage readings of plays from their archives.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

“A play reading festival will call attention to the ongoing $23 million renovation effort at the city owned, 1930’s era Vision Theatre in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles” – Christina House for the Los Angeles Times

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]La Mancha Gallery has agreed to curate and organize an Arts Tent that will house cutting-edge art from local talent as well as top renown artists in Los Angeles. Curated by Omar Holguin the selected artwork ranging from all sizes and mediums will include world renown artists like Ron Zeno,George Combs,Enoch Mack, Kevin T. Williams, Darren Robinson and many more …

Single Admission for the Staged Readings is $10
Multiple Plays (4) Packet is $25
Weekend Pass for All Plays is $75

For the theater festival entire Leimert Park Village will come alive with music, dance poetry, art, theater readings, local food and merchants. The outdoor festivities are FREE and open to the public

For more information about buying tickets
Call: (323) 290-2386 or

Fourteen theater companies have come together for play readings that began with a single performance Thursday and continue with two readings Friday evening and climax with 11 more script-in-hand performances during afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday and Sunday. A taste into what’s ahead for the Vision and arts neighborhood it anchors.

Single Admission for the Staged Readings is $10
Multiple Plays (4) Packet is $25
Weekend Pass for All Plays is $75

“The Artists Exhibition”
La Mancha Gallery has agreed to curate and organize an Arts Tent that will house cutting-edge art from local talent as well as top renown artists in Los Angeles. Curated by Omar Holguin the selected artwork ranging from all sizes and mediums will include world renown artists like Ron ZenoGeorge CombsEnoch Mack, Kevin T. Williams, Darren Robinson, Wendell Wiggins

Assemblage Artist, Nomad and Storyteller Dominique Moody will showcase her art installation as well as many artists from the Leimert Park Community Artwalk as well

“The Faces Behind The Torture” by Fernando Lozano

“The Faces Behind The Torture” by Fernando Lozano

Faces Behind The Torture a n Exhibit by Artist Fernando Lozano

I want to be absolutely clear with our people, and the world: the United States does not torture. It’s against our laws, and it’s against our values. I have not authorized it, and I will not authorize It. — George W. Bush.

With this statement, once again we fell victim to the lies the Bush administration fabricated to keep the world in the dark. Only after graphic photographs from Abu Ghraib surfaced was it made clear that the Iraqi people were deliberately physically and mentally tortured.
The Bush Administration needs to be accountable for the pain, suffering and injustice they subjected innocent people to, as well as the lies told to
the citizens of the world. The hard reality is that even after looking at the photographs, most people still do not TRULY SEE the horror the Iraqis went through. They are victims without a face. For that reason, I have put a FACE to this injustice.
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld need to realize they cannot lie any more…they are The FACES BEHIND TORTURE. 

The Faces Behind Torture by Fernando Lozano

Artist Profile: Kevin T. Williams

Artist Profile: Kevin T. Williams


In his new series of paintings titled “Windows to Your Soul” , Kevin T. Williams mission is to bring joy, soul, color and empathy to the human condition that appears more gray, harsh and dangerously bleak than he remembered before. In his piece titled “GOD speaks to Marvin” the artist pays tribute to one of his musical heroes, a way of prayer in a canvas. It is also a prayer or a moment of clarity from the subject in the painting, Marvin Gaye. A specific point in time when a man is touched by a higher power, a source other than himself. When his spirit is open to the possibility of a higher presence.

Born in 1957 at the crest of the new “Rock & Roll” wave Kevin t. Williams entered a world on the brink of change. In Levenworth Kansas, a Catholic home for “wayward” Mothers was where he was delivered by a Priest & staff to his then 17 year old mother. In a pre-civil rights America, he was raised by his mother & grandparents in Topeka Kansas until his mother decided there was a better future for her and her 2 year old son in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles provided a tough but richly diverse setting that would influence Williams’ craving for creativity and expression. And then came the civil rights movement.

This started his musical journey that currently spans 5 decades of American & World music. Singing and then later playing guitar with groups from the age of 13. The list includes The Bonedaddys, English Beat, Ben Harper, The Untouchables and many others — performing in over 35 countries.

The dream to paint was always in the back of Williams’ mind. Constantly drawing as a child, he dreamed that one day life would afford him the time & opportunity to start painting, even though he never had a formally trained background in art. In August, 2009 at age 51, Williams was growing a new family and tiring of the constant touring a rock and roll lifestyle required. He found the time and the courage to explore putting the visions of humanity, emotion, freedom and explosions of color in his head on to canvas.

Kevin’s clientele include Mosaic Entertainment, Sony Executive Studios, Dreamworks, Green Valley Dispensary and many more…

“I’m in love with the human form and faces. No two are really alike. If eyes are the windows to the soul I want the eyes in my paintings to be the windows to your soul as well.” -Kevin T. Williams

THE ARTWORK OF KEVIN T. WILLIAMS WILL BE ON DISPLAY AT THE CENTRAL AVENUE JAZZ FESTIVAL INSIDE THE ARTS PAVILION: Located on Central Avenue, between 42nd and 43rd streets, in front of the newly renovated historic Dunbar Hotel. SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JULY 25th AND 26th, 2015 FROM 11-7PM



Current presentation is under consignment to La Mancha Gallery in Los Angeles To inquire about any of the artworks or commission Kevin T. Williams for hire, please include your contact information or send us a note on the Contact Us page and a La Mancha Gallery representative will get back to you shortly. Curators and many of the artists are available for programming possibilities. 

 Check out our Online Store if you are interested in purchasing Kevin’s Artwork


“He’s got a bluesy, folky, soulful thing.” – L. Corskey, co-founder of Cannibal Flower

Articles provided upon request


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