Words to Save the World

Words to Save the World

Activist & Environmental Poetry

VisionLA ’15 Climate Action Arts Festival and Beyond Baroque present Words to Save the World, poetry and prose readings of work on an environmental theme, with many pieces especially written or commissioned by the VisionLA Fest.

Writers include: Linda J. Albertano, Adam Amanuel, Elena Karena Byrne, Jamal Carter, Caycee Chapman, Dennis Cruz, Iris De Anda, Peggy Dobreer, Stephen M. Gates, S.A. Griffin, Jibon Hester, Camille Jacome, Nocholas Johnson, LaLow, Darrell Larson, Roberto Leni, Leon Martell, Luis Ordaz, Christy Ramirez, Rose Rteimeh, Beth Ruscio, Mike “The Poet” Sonksen and Heather Woodbury.

This FREE event will seek to uplift and inspire, not complain or engender anger and despair. Together we can imagine ourselves out of this mess, and write the new foundation.


December 5
4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
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Darrell Larson


Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd
Venice, CA 90291 United States
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(310) 822-3006
The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno

The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno

Ron Zeno, an orphan born in Munich, Germany in 1953; was adopted by Edgar Zeno, a soldier in the United States Navy and His wife Evelyn, who brought their new son to the States at age two. Early years were spent in New York and Louisiana; however, in 1958 the Zeno family settled in California where Ron currently resides.

Ron Zeno had always had an interest in art, but never had any formal training. In an attempt to pursue his desire to do something in the art industry, he decided to attend Los Angeles Trade Tech College following his graduation from Washington Preparatory High School. After only one semester, Ron left the Collage frustrated by the confines of the classroom and a teacher who measured Ron’s Zeno work as mediocre at best.

Ron Zeno then entered the workforce, doing countless jobs before settling on a career as a bus driver. Being a bus driver, Ron was left little time to explore his passion for art. However, it was during these busy days, in his  many layover stops, between routes, which allowed him to explore his artistic talents. Being influenced by his mother, as a child he practiced drawing from comics, but with such a long time away from his passion, it was not until drawing from the back of his books of transfers and driver paperwork that his love for the art was rekindled. He no longer drew the heroes or villains from the comics, rather he now drew his fantasy themes which led him to create very imaginative castles and pyramids. But Ron did not stop there, He had the desire to bring his work off the page. In his yearning to create, Ron Zeno needed material. What could serve the purpose of bringing his 2 dimensional drawings into his 3 dimensional exploration?

Wanting material that would not be too expensive, he first thought of using foam core, a type of board used by some architects. Quickly realizing that the foam core would be very costly if he wanted to include very intricate detail in his works, Ron decided to attempt using the cardboard he had saved for recycling to do his models. From that idea, a world of beautiful cardboard creations spawned.

Ron gave his flat drawings of castle life by building his first model in 2006. Using mostly discarded pizza boxes and glue, Ron creates fully functional structures and machines like The Titanic, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Doll Houses and more, all built in stunning detail.
The dedicated energy and discipline to cut and paste all the intricate and exact moving parts of a replica of the Titanic, for example, cleverly highlights the energy to create the real thing.

With skills that are not diminished by his lack of training, Ron continues to fascinate those who watch him work, Whether it is watching him draw, keeping straight lines while usually using ink pens, or watching him build his exquisite cardboard creations without even recalling his grade school lessons on measuring; he delights the eye and captures true artistic prowess, He continues to create, taking several months to complete each piece, bringing to life his imagination as well as pictures from other media, never having traveled anywhere outside the United States to execute transformation of cardboard boxes into things of beauty.
Click HERE for more information about the event

Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno  The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno xESg73TrGdoCIM I9YKHnVUcv0AmbUo b IVTtytb10 207x300 Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno  The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno 3RIp82ZhxYU T0vAW07uRWy UQ8hdTcSBFzZDmZRec8 201x300 Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno  The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno SJDTZbIGuA9G0JZvp27aIAT aFB9mpQqXGEg1QLqGOk 300x190 Recycled Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno  The Cardboard Sculptures of Ron Zeno ronZeno 300x300





2nd Annual Leimert Park Vision Theater Festival Of Stage Readings

2nd Annual Leimert Park Vision Theater Festival Of Stage Readings

You are invited to the Leimert Park Vision Theater Festival Of Staged Readings.

A community celebration of of Theater Staged Readings, Music, Arts, Food and more …
The Theater Staged Readings will consist of new and established works of Industry Panels on African American Theater History.
The event will also feature Daily tours of the Vision Theater, Q&A with Playwrights, Directors and Artists, Opening Reception and a Closing Night Gala.
The staged readings will be done in the following theaters, The Regency West, Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center and The Fernando Pullum Performing Arts Center and the The Vision Theater located at 3341 West 43rd Place in Los Angeles, CA 90008.

There will be Matinee & Evening Performances from 2:00PM to 10:00PM

14 production companies have joined the celebration and the efforts to define the Leimert Park Vision Theater as the hub of great African American theater companies, artists, writers and performers alike. The 4 day celebration will pay homage to the theater companies no longer operating in Los Angeles with stage readings of plays from their archives.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

“A play reading festival will call attention to the ongoing $23 million renovation effort at the city owned, 1930’s era Vision Theatre in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles” – Christina House for the Los Angeles Times

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]La Mancha Gallery has agreed to curate and organize an Arts Tent that will house cutting-edge art from local talent as well as top renown artists in Los Angeles. Curated by Omar Holguin the selected artwork ranging from all sizes and mediums will include world renown artists like Ron Zeno,George Combs,Enoch Mack, Kevin T. Williams, Darren Robinson and many more …

Single Admission for the Staged Readings is $10
Multiple Plays (4) Packet is $25
Weekend Pass for All Plays is $75

For the theater festival entire Leimert Park Village will come alive with music, dance poetry, art, theater readings, local food and merchants. The outdoor festivities are FREE and open to the public

For more information about buying tickets
Call: (323) 290-2386 or
Email: LeimertParkVisionTheatre@gmail.com

Fourteen theater companies have come together for play readings that began with a single performance Thursday and continue with two readings Friday evening and climax with 11 more script-in-hand performances during afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday and Sunday. A taste into what’s ahead for the Vision and arts neighborhood it anchors.

Single Admission for the Staged Readings is $10
Multiple Plays (4) Packet is $25
Weekend Pass for All Plays is $75

“The Artists Exhibition”
La Mancha Gallery has agreed to curate and organize an Arts Tent that will house cutting-edge art from local talent as well as top renown artists in Los Angeles. Curated by Omar Holguin the selected artwork ranging from all sizes and mediums will include world renown artists like Ron ZenoGeorge CombsEnoch Mack, Kevin T. Williams, Darren Robinson, Wendell Wiggins

Assemblage Artist, Nomad and Storyteller Dominique Moody will showcase her art installation as well as many artists from the Leimert Park Community Artwalk as well

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La Mancha Gallery new office location in Pasadena

La Mancha Gallery new office location in Pasadena


 La Mancha Gallery logo  La Mancha Gallery new office location in Pasadena LoginImageLogo

Press Release

La Mancha Gallery Offices have a new location

Pasadena, CA – 6/6/2015– Exciting things are happening at La Mancha Gallery Consulting, and we want to share some important news with you. The need to better accommodate our clientele has made our move to a new facility necessary. Address, and phone number have changed, as shown below:

This is just one of many exciting developments. Call Omar Holguin to schedule an appointment.
OUR NEW LOCATION : 790 E. Colorado Blvd. PMB#683, Pasadena, CA 91101 – (213) 537-7561

We evaluated several location within the Los Angeles area in search for our new location. Ultimately we selected the Pasadena area based on the ability to meet our clients’ needs and the proximity to the Downtown area and access to all major highways.
The City Of Pasadena offers a thriving art community with whom we frequently collaborate. La Mancha Gallery is open by appointment only.  We will continue to provide quality and innovative events that enhance the community and its surroundings

About La Mancha Gallery

Since its inception in 2006,  La Mancha has been an avenue and voice for intellectual and social activism in Los Angeles. Its unique mission is to develop and expand art consciousness beyond the traditional “Gallery” paradigm into a more widespread, public and unifying encounter. La Mancha seeks to tell a story through its exhibitions in reflecting and re-energizing the community. Its major goal serves to entertain, educate and illuminate. La Mancha provides traveling exhibitions for profit and non-profit organizations and serves as  well as a great resource for fine art services and artwork .

If you would like more information  please contact Omar Holguin at (213) 537-7561 or email at press@lamanchaarts.com.

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KCET LA Letters Article

KCET LA Letters Article

TheVex  KCET LA Letters Article TheVex

Punk Rock, Poetry, and Public Policy

Punk rock’s connection to politics dates back to the Civil Rights era. Groups like MC5 and the Stooges in the ’60s, Sex Pistols, Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Fishbone in the ’70s and the ’80s reveal punk rock’s connection to social justice and questioning the status quo. Moreover there’s a school of poets, like KCRW DJ Henry Rollins and Jamaican Dub Poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, that have emerged from the Punk Rock perspective. Rollins in his book “Fanatic” recalls the ethos of the punk era: “there was a time in punk rock, a flashing moment when there was no irony and the moves weren’t choreographed and no one knew where it was all going and it was all very real.”

Many have said that a similar energy is currently thriving on the Eastside. As recent documentaries have shown, the energy of punk rock reverberated loudly throughout the Southland in not only Hollywood and the South Bay, but also in Boyle Heights. This week L.A. Letters spotlights a historic Eastside punk rock venue making a return, a travelling poetry festival, and neighborhood activists sharing the same ethos to improve local public policy.

One of the most important bridge-builders in Eastside musical history is Joe Vex. Beginning in 1977, his Boyle Heights venue, “The Vex” near First and Lorena, featured notable bands like Black Flag, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Damned, X, Suicidal Tendencies, The Cramps, Social Distortion, Circle Jerks, The Germs, TSOL, The Adolescents, Los Lobos, and many more iconic bands. Originally a close comrade with the ASCO Muralists and the Chicano Arts Movement, Vex concentrated his energy and efforts on promoting the live music community. Besides featuring well known acts, he also opened the door for many emerging local artists until the venue closed its’ doors in 1984.

Besides the historic series of live events held at the original Vex, Boyle Heights’ central geographic location made it a local music mecca that bridged the gap between Hollywood and Orange County’s local punk and new wave music scenes. The mythology about the original Vex can now be found referenced in several published books, as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Smithsonian, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and many other art museums and music history archives.

vexgamboa-thumb-600x525-56998  KCET LA Letters Article vexgamboa thumb 600x525 56998

Girl Scouts at The Vex, August 7, 1980 | Photo Courtesy of Diane Gamboa.
Good news for music enthusiasts is that Joe Vex has reopened his venue in a large performance space/gallery/workshop venue on Alhambra Avenue in El Sereno, just a few miles north of his original Boyle Heights venue. The new venue is 9,700 square feet, equipped with a large stage and performance space spacious enough to hold several hundred music listeners comfortably, and hold an art show simultaneously. After 30-plus years of experience in hosting music and art events, Vex is applying all of his wisdom in the newest incarnation. They will not only be hosting live music, but will be having gallery events, fashion shows, writing workshops and other types of community arts-oriented activities. Vex wants to give back to the El Sereno community. As a longtime Eastside resident and arts advocate, giving back to the city that gave to him is an important piece in the new venue.

Omar Holguin is the Executive Director of the Vex Arts. Holguin’s excited about the future possibilities in the local area. He explains, “The Vex’s goal is to enrich the lives of the El Sereno Community by providing a hands-on arts and education program, as well as providing needed services for the community and its surrounding areas. The legacy of the Vex will continue providing a thriving music venue as well as challenging all art disciplines and forms.”

They have had a series of secret shows so far, with groups like Black Flag and quiet openings, but Holguien is collaborating with artist Steve Gates for an official opening with live performances that will exhibit artists Diane Gamboa, Bo Jennings, George Combs, Ngene Mwana, Ellla Sarkisian, Donald Frazell, Silvio Sangiorgi, Velma Gay, Lika Brutian, and other artists in a special curated group show.

El Sereno is an underserved community with a lot of teens living near the space. Vex and Holguin are in the process of working with the city to establish after school arts programs and other related workshops for the local youth under nonprofit status. They know that one of the best ways to keep the arts legacy going to cultivate the next generation of musicians and artists. This is why arts programming is just as important as their live events and gallery shows.

Holguin adds, “The Vex Arts mission is to enrich the lives of children by offering a continued arts and education program for all in safe haven, while introducing them to a variety of programs that would teach them about empowerment, techniques, structure, and enhance mental creativity, while teaching them to embrace each other’s cultures.” Holguin jokes that “the punk rockers have all grown up.” The Vex is taking the raw energy of punk rock and reapplying the kinetic force to cultivate the youth and improve the neighborhood.

The new Vex space in El Sereno | Photo: The Vex Facebook

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