Curatorial Services

La Mancha Gallery provides curatorial services for corporate and private collectors

La Mancha Gallery Consulting Curatorial Services

We offer organizations, corporations, and individuals the opportunity to integrate contemporary art into their offices, headquarters, or homes.

We offer a variety of art curatorial services that produces and facilitates an ever changing selection of art projects, traveling exhibitions and special art projects. Our services remove the worries and routine art administration work from your hands and shoulders to us.

Our curatorial services help promote the mission or goals of private companies, non-profit organizations, corporations, collectors and individuals. We are experts in mounting your artwork securely, ranging from a corporate environment to a standard framed artwork. Our curatorial staff helps potential collectors build equally dynamic and positive connections, by providing them with the unique opportunity to either purchase work created by our artists, or commission artists for site-specific installations.

Whether large or small, permanent or temporary, for a courtyard or an office, La Mancha Gallery Consulting award winning curators will work with you and your organization to ensure you receive the absolute best work for your space, needs, and aesthetic. As our clients can attest, companies and individuals have total control throughout the acquisition process.

Art Advisory Services

Over 9 years of experience and knowledge at your service

Exhibition Planning

Knowledge and experience in creating small and large events

Event Oversight

We can make sure that your event brings is top notch and well planned

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