Benjamin Murguia Archundia: The Secrets of The Encounter

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Project Description

Benjamin Murguia Archundia: The Secrets of The Encounter Artist Benjamin Murguia Archundia 1973-2010  Benjamin Murguia Archundia: The Secrets of The Encounter benjaminBenjamin Murguia Archundia was a well renown Mexican abstract artist born on January 19, 1973 in Mexico City. A graduate with a degree in Sculptures and Etchings from the prestigious La Esmeralda School of Painting in Mexico City. Benjamin Murguia Archundia artworks were exhibited throughout museums and gallery exhibits in Mexico.

“Los Secretos Del Encuentro” or translated as The Secrets of the Encounter in English is the first solo exhibit with Benjamin’s recent artworks presented outside his native land. The event was held on the 23rd day of October, year 2008 at the Mexican Embassy located at 2401 W 6th Street in Los Angeles, California. The style of Benjamin’s artworks and paintings are often based in the saturation of contemporary ideas influenced by the modern technology. Benjamin’s collaborations with other artists include talented artists such as Maria Bustamante, Francisco Toledo and Gilberto Aceves Navarro.

According to Benjamin Murguia Archundia, “The painting is an energy of layers, edges, luminosity, transparency, heat, material that is transformed into energy, unloading, synthesis, reactions. A process of metabolism, a way of ingestion and digestion of the world.” Benjamin approach to his artwork technique was the belief that “A painting investigates in the abstract intention figurative on expression of the capacity qualities, memory, energy, plasticity”. That there is a “deeper relationship between artwork and the individual; there are different perceptions and each and every one may see various reflections.” He elaborated his statement as “The painting wants to look itself like the mirror. To the tact he is flat, at sight is doubly deep towards inside and outside the painting, outside and within the individual. It is a reflection than it happens in the interior, that cannot be seen by the eye; movement, alteration, commotion. “

Sadly, Benjamin passed away on July 9, 2010; He lost his battle against cancer at the young age of 37 his impressive artworks and art contributions will never fade away. His passion for arts still inspires other artists throughout the world, His life and contribution to the arts will never be forgotten. La Mancha Gallery contributed with the representation of the artist in Los Angeles as well as the event promotion for this event.


Project Details

Client : The Mexican Embassy
Date : 10/23/2008
Skills : Event Promotion, Artist Representation
View : Mexican Embassy

Benjamin Murguia - Los Secretos Del Encuentro  Benjamin Murguia Archundia: The Secrets of The Encounter 510382 1

Event Promotion

A selection of about 30 artworks from Benjamin Murguia were chosen for this exhibit, to be displayed at the Mexican Embassy upstairs Gallery. Flyer Design, English to Spanish translation of documents, Social Media Promotion, Direct Mailings, Email Marketing were used to promote this event. More than 300 guests were present during this event.

Artist Representation

La Mancha Gallery is proud to represent the artwork of Benjamin Murguia Estate, we have several pieces left on consignment and they are available for sale at our eStore.

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Benjamin Murguia Artwork Consignment Available for Sale

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