“Moments In Time” The Photography of Richard Smith

“Moments In Time” The Photography of Richard Smith MorningLayOver1080x506

Event Description

I first fell in love with Rick’s photography when I came across a photograph of a woman dress all in white sitting at Union Station, Her solemn expression and  hand gestures captivated me immediately, Smith explained to me that at the time the perfect situation had presented itself, ” I happened to see her incredible face with her white vale. Lighting was just right …Click!!”

The work comes from a series of photographs titled “Moments in Time, How I see it”, a lifelong project that portrays the everyday life at Union Station.  Rick Smith style of photography makes the mundane look easy, yet manages to capture the raw emotions of each individual at the same time bring a unique perspective on everyday objects.

An article written by the Tri City Voice Newspaper in Fremont, Ca explains it best: ’ What may first captivate you about the work of freelance photographer Rick Smith is his unique perspective. Smith can transform a glass sky scraper – one you might pass by every day and hardly notice – an angular and beautiful work of art. He can peek beneath a pier – barnacles and all – and make it look inviting, a place to kick off your shoes, roll up your jeans, step into the water and explore. From his shots of the Sunol hills and sunsets on San Francisco Bay to the delicate dewdrops discovered on the inside of a Calla Lily, Smith’s work could be described as simply this: he captures the best in everything, from the mundane to the extraordinary’.”The creative part of picture taking intrigues me.” Smith says. “The process of seeing something, getting a picture of how you’d like it to come out and then photographing it and having look like you imagined is an incredible experience. And when it looks even better than you imagined, that is the icing on the cake.”

The Artwork of Richard Smith was on display at Upstairs Gallery at The Vex Arts on December, 2013 thru the end of January 2014.
If interested in purchasing the artwork go to our Online Store. For more information about Rick Smith’s work go to: http://www.photographybyrichardmsmith.com/

Project Details

Client: The Vex Arts
Date: 1.1.2014
Project: Branding, Marketing, Curatorial, Art Installation
Number of Works: 12 Limited Edition Prints Framed

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Curatorial Feature

A selection of 12 artworks from Richard Smith collection “Moments In Time, How I see It” was chosen for this exhibit, to be displayed at the Upstairs Gallery at The Vex Arts.

Installation & Promotion

La Mancha Gallery was involved in all aspects of Installation, promotion and marketing for this event. The event ran for two months. A series of viewings where scheduled throughout the exhibit.


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Limited Edition Prints Available for Sale

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